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Spacetrain | Future Train Concept | Concept Vehicle 57


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Spacetrain is the future of trains. It is a completely different experience than the current trains that are running. The Spacetrain will have autonomous air bearing technology that is going to revolutionize urban transport with a running speed of 540km/h. The Space train gives off a ground effect shuttle all thanks to the combination of technologies. The technology is autonomous that is sustained by an air bearing and is propelled by the linear motors that are motorized by the embedded graphene batteries. The average speed of the spacetrain would be 540 km/h and the top speed going up to 720 km/h. This is because of the electric induction and the fuel cells of the spacetrain. The spacetrain has competitive construction, exploitation, and maintenance costs that aim to offer different transport alternatives.

The advantage of Spacetrain technology is that the costs of building lines are low than the average railway lines and are much more environmentally friendly. The cost of the lines of spacetrain is less than the cost of lines of a classic LGV. The LGV’s need to be of a certain length to be financially viable, but it is not in the case of Spacetrain. This helps the company in building shorter “feeding” lines.

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